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Friday, June 27th 2008

10:58 PM

Write to Fermi's congressman...and updates

Contact the congressman for Fermi's district:

I got a card in the mail today from Bill Foster. He was elected to replace Hastert and represents Fermilab. He is also a physicist that was a former employee. No conflict of interest there! The reports I have read about Foster in his short term is that the public is very displeased with his 'business as usual' policies despite his campaign claims to the contrary. He has greatly displeased the democrats, which he claims to be. Anyway, he has been involved in a blitz of publicity. He is doing 'town visits', etc. This card reads "Have your voice heard". (BTW this mailing was paid for by us - even tho he is a multimillionaire)
He claims he does not go along with the crowd. He says he cast the deciding vote on an ethics bill to hold congress accountable to citizens.

How about this:
Hold Fermilab accountable to the taxpayers.
Investigate the issues brought up by the report showing inequities at Fermilab.
Investigate why they continue to ignore a FOIA request to disclose what they spend on EEO charges.

Here is where you can write to Bill Foster:
27 N. River St.
Batavai, IL. 60510

Hold him accountable for what he claims he will do!

Fermi layoff update:
The other day I got an email from an anonymous person about my post about the Fermi layoffs. I said that I had heard that only low level technicians and administrative staff was asked to 'volunteer'  to be laid off. This person claims that ALL scientists were also asked. I don't know who this person is, or what their position is that they would know this, since I doubt they know all the scientists. I know that my sources tell me that no scientist or engineer or upper level management in my old department/division was sent a letter. If someone at those levels wants to contact me and tell me that he got one of those proposals, I will print their reply here. Until I hear from some reliable source, I will have to go with my sources. And we can wait to see who actually gets laid off and if there are any scientists included.

Not big pork, but a little oink:
I read a letter to the editor in the local paper yesterday. A Fermi employee wrote about his medical treatment at Fermi (there are a couple other treatment facilities opening locally). In his letter he invited anyone to contact him at Fermilab to talk about his (personal) medical treatment. Yes, call him on his Fermilab phone and talk to him while we are paying him. (He is not associated with the treatment center.) This is an example of the pervasive attitude that anything goes....do what you like, no one is ever held accountable - unless you complain and then they will go after you for doing what everyone else is doing.....

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Posted by sharon:

I'd like some background on Bill Foster and how it is a conflict on interest. He was *ELECTED* not appointed to the post. I live in Batavia (almost as close to Fermilab as one can actually) and he is my congressman. He ran as a scientist, sure, but the fact that he was elected sort of stumps me.

I didn't vote in this particular election I wasn't pleased with either candidate, and I have no strong feelings for my congerssman except to say that I'm glad he isn't voting party lines but what he feels in good for the district.
Friday, July 11th 2008 @ 1:18 PM

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