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Sunday, July 13th 2008

12:38 PM

Congressman Foster: Is he commited to his constituents or Fermilab?

I got a comment the other day about a previous post I wrote about our new congressman. He is her congressman too. I am not really sure if the commenter was asking questions or just making comments, but I did want to reply anyway.

Bill Foster was elected in a special election to fill the remainder of the term left vacant by Hastert. He will have to be elected again in Nov. to keep that position.

In the primary, he ran against another, I think, better candidate, who is not a millionaire. There were some irregularities  in the voting - some areas did not get counted, some people were given an incorrect ballot....so it is unclear what the real counts were (much like our current 'annointed' president). The other candidate did file a challenge but did not have enough money to pursue it.

The general election was a battle of the millionaires. Unfortunately politics like the justice system is only for those who have so much money they really don't need justice or the position....

It was not a conflict of interest for Foster to run, but he will have to answer to his constituents on how he votes and what he supports and doesn't.

While he got Obama's support and was using the 'change' slogans, he immediately went out and hired a republican lobbyist to run his office (he is a Democrat). He appears to be following right in the footsteps of Hastert - so much for change.

Since Foster worked at Fermilab for more than 20 years, he knows full well how money is wasted there.

Is he willing to look into how our tax dollars are being spent?
How about the GAO report that says the DOE labs have more EEO complaints than industry?
How about the report on gender inequities?
How about their blatant refusal to comply with FOIA request to tell us how they are spending our money?

So, Bill Foster, are you going to call for an investigation of your former employer like you might if you heard any other big business was wasting money, violating rights and refusing to comply with law?

My other theory is that Foster (and/or his brother/company) was who donated $5 million to Fermi. Will he answer that question? Will he turn over his financial records? Who is contributing to his campaign? Is it overwhelmingly Fermi employees/management? If any of this is true, then I would question his motivation and impartiality in voting and promoting bills/programs.

I think he owes us some answers.

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