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Wednesday, July 30th 2008

1:02 PM

Department Of Justice Charged w/ Discriminating Against Applicants

Yesterday I came across this disturbing news report.
At the bottom of the article is a link to the full report, which I have not read yet. I don’t know if I am ready to be pissed off again…..

In part the article says: “It seems the Department of Justice has been discriminating against job applicants who do not fit a particular political mold.”

 “For nearly two years, top advisers to then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales discriminated against applicants for career jobs who weren't Republican or conservative loyalists, the Justice report found.”

“One candidate received high marks for having attended a ‘very Republican school,’ the report notes, but also was faulted for what Goodling called ‘Cons. On God, guns and gays.’”

“The investigation was one of several examining accusations that White House political meddling drove prosecution, policy and employment decisions within the once fiercely independent Justice Department. Those charges were spurred initially by the firings of nine U.S. attorneys in 2006 and culminated with Gonzales' resignation under fire as attorney general last September.”

Ok, these are the guys who are supposed to be enforcing the laws, the laws that say it is illegal to discriminate. But they only want prosecutors who are ok with discrimination it seems – I read another report that no one got past the interview if they thought gays have rights. I guess whether women and blacks have rights would also be questionable.

So it is not surprising then, that they have not yet replied to Absinthe’s charge that the Department Of Energy refuses to comply the FOIA – another pesky law.

If the Department of Justice thinks discrimination laws are irrelevant what chance does anyone have of not having their civil rights violated? I hope there is a big investigation, people go to jail and heads roll. It sounds like the DOJ needs a major overhaul. Luckily the person directing and approving this will be gone after Jan. 20. Hopefully the new occupant will be a Democrat. Obama previously was a employee rights lawyer, so I hope he has not forgotten that.

I also have been looking at other civil rights cases and found another disturbing fact. It appears that depending on where you live will determine how the court ‘interprets’ civil rights violations. I find this incredulous that if you live in one district what would be found to be a violation would not be found to be a violation in another area. I have yet to have any legal expert (or even non-expert) explain to me why this is ok. Laws that protect us against civil rights violations are not local laws, they are federal laws.

Unfortunately I also know that the court in the area where I live is so pro-employer, that one report states that this court has been openly hostile towards employees bringing cases against their employers. I guess big business would want to check this out before locating in an area – and deciding whether they need to follow the law or not……

I just don’t get it……

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